What Is Local SEO and Why You Should Be Prioritizing it

Local SEO is the art(and science) of getting your product/service to appear first in a Google Search result. Why do you want to be the first result in Google? Because the first Google search result gets 34% of the traffic. The second result get’s half of the first’s with only 17% of the traffic, and the third gets half of that.

This means you can double the number of customers you get from moving from the second result to the first.

There is no tool more powerful than Google Search for your business. Google is the world’s most popular website and the world’s most popular search engine. If the world has a question, Google answers it.

You want your product to be the answer Google provides.

Getting seen. Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization Is Always Evolving

If there’s one constant thing about SEO, it is always changing.

This is where a lot of business owners and marketers get into trouble with SEO. The SEO best practices are always changing. What worked great six months ago may now start to hurt your ability to rank highly on Google. And most businesses don’t have the capacity to hire a full time SEO. So these businesses get left behind or get stuck doing things that no longer work.

This is where hiring an agency can make a difference. We focus on the marketing, so you can focus on running your business.

Aqueduct Marketing is a premier West Chester SEO agency. We provide the highest quality internet marketing and search engine services (SEO services, PPC advertising, link building, Google Analytics, Facebook Marketing, email marketing, and more).

Local SEO Tools

Website Audits

When it comes to optimizing your website for Local SEO it comes down to speed and usability. Google wants to provide it’s users with the best experience possible.

Optimizing website page speed where possible in accordance with Google Page Speed Insights

Develop and audit website site structure.

Establish an internal linking policy for all new content.

Content Marketing

Content drives the internet. Tutorials, product reviews, and more are great ways to drive traffic to your site and build your brand. Aqueduct Marketing can help you plan what kind of content you should make to get you the most traffic possible.

Keyword research to find long tail keywords that you can rank for quickly.

Produce content that is optimized for Google and SERP features

Develop content that is in line with what already appears on Google search results

Link Building

Google wants to send people to content that has authority. By getting people to link your website and pages you can build authority. Google takes those backlinks as a signal that your content is helpful and will promote your content in Google Search results.

Identify opportunities to get links to your website and pages.

Do personalize outreach on your behalf to get links.

Develop a content strategy that is likely to result in backlinks from reputable websites.

Google Business Profile

Setting up a Google Business Profile is the first step in starting to show up in searches. However, it doesn’t end there. There are several local SEO best practices that your business needs to be doing to make sure you rank first and that you stay first.

Create a robust Google Business Profile so you can be the first Google Search Result

Maintain your Google Business Profile so you can be and STAY the top search result in your area.

Handle customer reviews, promotional posts, and business updates.

Why work with Aqueduct Marketing to take your business to the next level?

Because we’ve built this SEO agency on these foundations:

Transparency: Our clients get the truth. We believe that relationships are built on honest communication, and we do this by being transparent. We provide comprehensive monthly reports and status updates.

Results: Zig Ziglar said it best, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” We’re here to help you get what you want.

Relationships: We believe in building client relationships. We go the extra mile and treat every customer’s business like our own. We want to see you have long term success.

These foundations set us apart.

We’ve been in the marketing industry long enough to know that you’ve likely been burned in the past by other SEO agencies and freelancers. These SEO agencies will promise you the moon and charge you through the nose. But when it comes time to deliver results, it’s always excuses and underwhelming.

If you own or are starting a business, it’s vital to have a digital marketing team on your side with experience. There is no better West Chester SEO Agency than Aqueduct Marketing.

Where we’re located

Aqueduct Marketing is a locally owned marketing agency located just south of West Chester Pennsylvania. We provide local SEO services to the surrounding areas of West Chester, Philadelphia, Newark, and Wilmington Delaware. Because we are a part of the community we know how to serve you best, and we come to visit all clients in person. We believe a strong relationship with our clients is the best way for us to serve you and your business.

We’ll let our results do the talking

See what our past clients have to say about the work we do.

We (Gold River Trading Co.) work with Jon on SEO, email marketing, FB/IG ads and content, general marketing strategy, and more more. Jon has become an essential part of our business. His efforts have led to dramatic improvement in our email marketing performance, traffic to our site, and revenue. Very knowledgeable and skilled in many types of marketing. As our needs evolve, Jon provides expert guidance and is able to execute at a high level in a variety of marketing capacities. I highly recommend.

Gold River Trading Company

Also see the results we’ve generated for our clients. Take a look at the Gold River Trading Co. case study.

The real truth on why you need to prioritize local SEO

Search Engine Optimization and especially local SEO is the digital marketing asset that works the best. It does require some time and investment. Aqueduct Marketing does paid media advertising as well-Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. Those platforms are great because how easily you can get things set up. You can start getting traffic yo your site tomorrow using those platforms. However, it doesn’t last. As soon as you stop spending $50 a day on ads, the traffic and more importantly the customers dry up.

Aqueduct marketing believes that local SEO is the most important marketing tactic for your business. Here is the cold hard truth about search engine traffic and why it’s better than Facebook and Google ads.

  • 93% of Online Experiences Start with a Search Engine.
  • Google Owns 65-70% of the Search Engine Market.
  • 75% of Searchers Never Go Past the First Page of Search Results.
  • SEO Converts Leads at the Highest Rate(~14.6%)

When it comes to traffic for your website. There is nothing that provides better traffic than search engine traffic. So while there is a time and place for Facebook and Google advertisements. They can’t be a strong SEO strategy.

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