Local SEO – You Should Prioritize it

Local SEO is the art(and science) of getting your product/service to appear first in a Google Search result. Why do you want to be the first result in Google? Because the first Google search result gets 34% of the traffic. The second result get’s half of the first’s with only 17% of the traffic, and the third gets half of that.

This means you can double the number of customers you get from moving from the second result to the first.

There is no tool more powerful than Google Search for your business. Google is the world’s most popular website and the world’s most popular search engine. If the world has a question, Google answers it.

Tracking and Analytics – See How Your Marketing Performs

Tracking and Analytics are the cornerstone of good marketing. The amazing thing about digital marketing is that we now have the ability to track how people interact with our sites and with our advertisements.

This means we can make adjustments to our marketing campaigns in real time making meaningfully updates in half the time it normally would.

There is no tool more powerful than Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for tracking and analyzing your data. We can help you implement both and create a solution for you to have the best data possible for you campaigns.


Jon Elordi

Jon Elordi is the founder of Aqueduct Marketing. Jon started his career in Marketing working as a data analyst for a regional agency based out of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. And he has not forgotten his roots. Everything Aqueduct Marketing does is analytics based. We make data driven decisions to get you the best results possible.

Since starting in Harrisburg, he has worked for agencies and start ups in New York City and Dallas. As a result, he has a wealth of marketing knowledge and experience that any business or organization could benefit from.

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